Xbox Game Pass Gets New Blockbusters

Xbox Game Pass Gets New Blockbusters

Sea of Thieves says all things must (Game) Pass.

Microsoft really wants us to start using Game Pass.  They’re grabbing our attention by making sure all new Microsoft Xbox One games are on Game Pass and available to play from Day 1.  This means that blockbusters such as Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 will all be available to Game Pass subscribers on the day of their worldwide launch. This includes Xbox titles announced in the future like Halo, Forza, and Gears of Wars.
It also means that Microsoft games won’t leave Game Pass, so you’ll always be able to play the same Microsoft game next month when the lineup changes.

Game Pass launched in June 2017, and like most people I hadn’t really heard of the service until now.  For $10USD in USA and $11AUD for Australians you get a month of access to over 100 different games.  Heck, in nearby New Zealand it only costs $11NZD, the equivalent of $8USD.  For once New Zealand isn’t getting screwed on pricing.  Huzzah!

Enough being happy about not being screwed over on prices.  Xbox Game Pass subscribers get to download and play any game from the more than 100 available, as well as enjoy small discounts on Microsoft store purchases for as long as they are subscribers.

Microsoft is definitely grabbing the attention of the gaming world with this announcement.
It’s sure to be great for those with fast internet and limited access to stores.  However it also seems that by offering this great digital service, they are conceding retail stores to the PS4, and are instead taking the fight to Sony with digital games.  Hopefully Microsoft achieve their goal of attracting more Xbox gamers with this innovation.  Paying $15 a month for access to a heap of digital games as well as being able to play online will seem like a good deal to many.  It will be very interesting to see if Sony decides to follow.

So are you keen for Sea of Thieves?  Does this make you want to buy an xbox?
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Sea of Thieves will be available from March 20.  We’ll be letting you know about our favourite Xbox Game Pass games well before then so you can decide if Game Pass is worth it.