Wii Shop closes soon. Here’s our highlights.

Wii Shop closes soon. Here’s our highlights.

After 11 years of service, the Wii Shop is slowly closing down.
March 26, 2018 will be the last date where you can add Wii Shop points to your account.
Purchasing games with those points will be disabled after January 30, 2019.
Nintendo will also eventually be closing access to the Wii Shop channel.  This means games will not be able to be re-downloaded, and the Wii system Transfer Tool for transferring saves to Wii U will be unavailable soon after that January 30 date.

So out of my love for you and retro classics I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Wii Shop exclusives for both Virtual Console and Wii Ware.  Get them while you can!

Wii Shop Virtual Console

I picked the highlights that aren’t available anywhere else.
For the complete list of Virtual Console exclusives scroll to the bottom of the page.

1000 points (N64):

Super Smash Bros– You know what this is.  Nintendo characters fight and laughs are had.
Pokemon Puzzle League– Connect three puzzle game where the blocks accumulate from underneath.
Crusin’ USA– For those nostalgic for the old N64 and arcade racer.

900 points (SNES and TurboGrafx/PC Engine):

Cho Aniki – one of the weirdest series of all time.  Plays like a 2D bullet hell space shooter.  Weirdness carries it.  It puts the Turbo in TurboGrafx and no screenshot can do it justice.
Chrono Trigger– One of the greatest RPGs ever made.  Incredible story and fun.  SNES version.
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen- Turn based Strategic RPG on the SNES.

800 points (SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis):

Actraiser– Challenging SNES 2D Action Platformer, with pleasant breaks as a city builder in between.
The city builder is a great chill out game in between the intense platforming combat.
Darius Twin– Solid SNES 2D space shooter.  I prefer it to Super R-Type due to an easier learning curve. (Darius Twin is not available in PAL territories)
Kirby’s Avalanche/Kirby’s Ghost Trap.  It’s Puyo Puyo, but with Kirby!  Fun match 4 puzzler.  Although Sega fans might prefer Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.
Secret of Mana– Classic SNES action RPG.  Has multiplayer and a simple epic story.  There is a remake on the way, but here’s the original.  Also has developer ties to Chrono Trigger.
Strider (Mega Drive/Genesis)- Short epic action game.  Only short for those that can master it!

a quiet moment in Strider

Super Adventure Island– Super Nintendo spin off from the Wonder Boy series.
Super Adventure Island 2– The sequel is a good starting point for younger gamers.

Super Star Wars– The Star Wars games are great action adventures.  This one is brief, lasting only a few hours for those with the skill to complete it, but its fun and memorable.  The only one in the series without password saves, but hitting the home button can at least pause and save the game.
Super Empire Strikes Back– Surprising game.  The blaster sections make for a very good shooter.  Favourite of some.  Introduces password saves to the series.
Super Return of the Jedi– More of the same after Super Star Wars, but the favourite of many fans.


500 points:

Mappy– weird arcade game about opening doors, bouncing on trampolines and getting some treasure.  Good if you have 500 points left over.

Wii Ware

1500 points:

Final Fantasy: My Life as a King– Build houses, training locations and shops for your troops.  Then party them up and send them out to die on their own Final Fantasy adventures.

1200 points:

Fluidity/Hydroventure– Tilt the stage to move the water and achieve victory.  Genius.  Was a must-have game back in the day.

1000 points:

Bomberman Blast: One of the best multiplayer Bomberman games ever made, but sadly ignored.
Worthy if you want a modern Bomberman on your Wii.  8 players!
Bonsai Barber– one of the key developers behind GoldenEye made this.  Fun hair cutting game.
Excite Bike World Challenge– Excite Bike with 3D graphics and deforming levels.  Fun multiplayer and a level editor.
Final Fantasy: My Life as a Dark Lord – fun tower defense game.
Jett Rocket– Surprisingly fun 3D platformer.  Don’t ignore it.
Max and the Magic Marker–  Use your magic marker to help you solve platforming physics puzzles.  Decent.  No longer available on Steam so this is where to go to get it.
Pokemon Ranch– Essentially Pokemon Box for the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games.
Has some Mii interactions and you get to see them in 3D.
You, Me and the Cubes– challenging puzzle game about throwing people at cubes and hoping they balance.  Brilliant.


800 points:

Alien Crush Returns– Weird pinball game with a story mode.  Genuinely brilliant presentation.
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years– for the Final Fantasy IV super fans.
LIT– Slightly creepy puzzle game.  The dark will kill you and you need to stay in the light to progress through the rooms and survive. Well made.
MaBoShi Three Shapes Arcade– Three very basic arcade games.  Builds into something special in 3-player mode.  Or play alone, building up crazy high scores by playing alongside your best replays.
Rock n Roll Climber– climb the rocks with Wiimote, Nunchuk and optional balance board.


600 points:

Art Style Orbient– two button game about gravity, planets and your repeated failure to use them to beat the level.  One of my favourite Wii games.
Art Style Rotohex– Good chill out puzzle game.  Rotate the hexagons.  When every part of the hexagon is the same colour it clears.  Trance like and addictive.
Art Style Cubello– Throw coloured cubes at the ball and match them to make it disappear.  Has a minor issue where it’s challenging getting the right cubes to clear the final block, but that can be overcome with strategy.
Art Style Rotozoa/Penta Tentacles– You are a blob.  Connect one of your coloured parts to the same colour in the game world to grow your tentacle.  If your tentacle crosses paths with a different colour it dies.  Fun chill out game.

500 points:

Tomenna Sanner– Wacky runner/rhythm game.  Fun if that’s your thing.
Space Invaders Get Even- You play as the Space Invaders.  Included in the list for its concept.
Pole’s Big Adventure (Japan only)- a silly parody of Mario Bros made by Sega where you have a gun.  Half platformer, half a game of collecting all the visual gags you can find.  Fun!

You can also ride a triceratops in Tomena Sanner

As you can see there’s plenty of good stuff up there.  Happy hunting!
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The complete list of Virtual Console exclusives not available on any other Nintendo system is on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/nintendo/comments/738bj5/complete_list_of_virtual_console_games_that_are/