What YouTube Did Wrong With Their Thumbnail Experiment

What YouTube Did Wrong With Their Thumbnail Experiment

Recently, Youtube began to conduct an experiment that involved messing with peoples thumbnails. This was only revealed to the public through a Tweet (seen below), and immediately garnered mountains of hate.

People’s main problem with this is that there was no notice about this change, and creators were left confused. It took a creator to actually ask Youtube what was up before they found out what was going on. YouTube needed to do this better, and there is just 1 thing they should have done

     Let People Opt-In you Dumb Dumbs

This would have been the simplest one. When a creator logs onto their page to upload a video, just display this kind of message. “We want to do an experiment with your thumbnails, are you ok with this?” then you might have gotten even more than .3% in their sample pool, and creators could let their fans know what was going on. This would have gotten rid of about 99% of the hate that YouTube faced.

Or, they could have let the viewers opt-in, and also could have gotten a lot more than .3% participation. I get that for this experiment to work, having it done blind would be ideal. However, a lot of creators depend on Youtube for their livelihood and messing with that without letting anybody know kind of sucks.

A clickbait fortnite thumbnail.
A Typical Youtube Thumbnail

Nobody has a problem with Youtube trying out new things. It keeps their site fresh and makes things better for everyone. However, they need to be a lot more clear in the things that they do to keep creators happy. I just wish Youtube stopped trying to fix things nobody asks for, and instead focused on errors or concerns people have with their site right now.