What games are coming out this week? The Australia Day Rush!

What games are coming out this week? The Australia Day Rush!

Gaming seems a hot trend for 2018 after huge sales on Xbox and Playstation systems over Christmas.  With the Switch also breaking sales records, it suggests that the video games hardware business is a very healthy one.  However the most important thing is still the games.

Let’s see what fantastic games are coming this week now that we’ve recovered from the holidays…
Oh heck, there’s so many!

Triple A games love Australia Day!

January 26 is not only Australia Day, but its also going to be the release date of two huge games!
Dragon Ball Fighter Z comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Australia Day.
It marks a return to 2D fighting for the series, and is getting decent hype.

Monster Hunter: World will also tip its hat to Australia, with a worldwide January 26 release date on both PS4 and Xbox One.  Interestingly, Monster Hunter: World will not be releasing on Xbox One in Japan, due to the very small number of Japanese Xbox owners.  However, in better news Monster Hunter: World will also be coming to PC before the end of the year.  Huzzah!


Monster Hunter also has a wacky commercial to put a smile on your face.


January 22 brings Chromagun to Nintendo Switch.  Its a fun looking first-person puzzle game that’s very well reviewed on other systems and has some real Portal/Antichamber vibes.


The January 23 rush:

Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Lets Play Heroes is an action RPG that gets a release on Tuesday for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

January 23 is also when The Inpatient arrives on PS4.  Hopefully no kids come home with the PlayStation VR horror game by accident.  As the prequel to Until Dawn its bound to frighten plenty.
Kids might be safer if they accidentally end up with Iconoclasts, an action adventure game for PS4, Vita, PC and MAC also releasing the same day.

That’s one spooky sandwich.

January 23 busyness continues with the Switch release of Dustoff Heli Rescue 2, a helicopter game designed for quick bursts of play.
The Switch version of Shu also releases during January 23rd.  Its a well received platformer and was the debut game from excellently named developer, Secret Lunch.
Lost Sphear, the follow-up to Tokyo RPG Factory’s I am Setsuna, rounds out the Jan 23 releases when it comes to Switch, PS4 and PC gamers.

Lost Sphear in action


January 25 brings us Celeste, the hyped indie platformer that is arriving on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.  We mentioned it earlier as one of our upcoming highlights for Nintendo Switch.


Definitely something for everyone this week!  Have you got a favourite?
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