Valve Goes Back To Court. Says: Yeah, nah thanks to paying $3million Australian fine.

Valve Goes Back To Court. Says: Yeah, nah thanks to paying $3million Australian fine.

Valve was hit with a $3million fine by the Australian Federal Court during December 2016 and have decided to appeal the ruling.  Valve has filed a ‘Special Leave Application’ to the High Court of Australia.

The appeal from Valve is unlikely to be successful.  Justices Dowsett, McKerracher and Moshinsky already found that Justice Edelman had ruled correctly when he handed down the original verdict.

It comes across as a play for time from Valve, that likely does not want to pay the fine, go through the extra costs of training support staff, or put up a big link on its store saying, “IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT CONSUMER RIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA”.

The original case was filed in August 2014 and hinged on Valve not offering refunds to Australian customers between 2011 and 2014.  Valve were also hit by the EU at the same time over their refunds policy.

The benefit to customers of there being no refunds was that Valve could do big flash sales during Steam sales where something would be super cheap for one day only.
However customers had no option of a refund if they had games that they could not run properly, accidentally purchased, or immediately realised they did not like.

As another twist in these event, Justice Edelman, that handled the Valve case back in 2016 has since been promoted to the High Court.  Valve are definitely not dealing with a kangaroo court here, and I cannot foresee the High Court ruling in their favour on this matter.


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