Rap Review – The Utah House of Representatives Rap

Rap Review – The Utah House of Representatives Rap

For Centuries, man has wondered what the perfect rap song can be. Does it combine a fantastic beat with meaningful lyrics? Or is it simply a bunch of old white legislators covering the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? If you had talked to me a week ago, I would have said things like Splendor & Misery from Clipping, or Because the Internet by Childish Gambino (basic as my tastes may be), can exemplify some of what rap is capable of. But now I know, now, I have seen the light.


The Fresh Prints of Bills Here is one of the most fantastic things to ever grace this planet. These legislators have found their true calling and should resign immediately to pursue this. The interesting rhyme schemes of things like “how” to “law”, and the asymmetrical number of syllables in each line mark this as truly experimental. I truly wept multiple times during this fantastic exploration of the American legal system.


If you are looking for an entrance point to the art form of rap, this is the place to go. The sheer talent expressed here stunned me. This is a must see


10/10 “fantastic”


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