So, the PAX Company Bought a Bunch of Gaming Sites

So, the PAX Company Bought a Bunch of Gaming Sites

Recently, the PAX Organizer Reedpop purchased Gamer Network. Gamer Network is a U.K based game’s media company that owns websites like Eurogamer, UsGamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and more. This acquisition has been criticised as a conflict of interests similar to when IGN acquired Humble Bundle the popular game sale website. That event turned out to be much more mundane than we expected, and it doesn’t seem to be changing. I am not exceedingly worried that this will spell trouble, and Reedpop seems to be taking the benign route.

Luckily nobody at Gamer Network has been laid off, which is both refreshing and surprising. Usually, when acquisitions like this take place it is almost a given that at lead a few people will be laid off, so I am really glad none of these people had to lose their jobs. I hope Reedpop remains hands-off with this as it seems like that is going to be the case.

Many people are wondering what Reedpop’s true intentions are with this purchase, but it does not appear to be anything sneaky. One of their employees said that they are looking to branch out in the industry, and this is likely the case. They were probably incentivized to do this after the IGN-Humble acquisition, thinking that it would now be accepted. This will likely not be the last in the trail blazed by IGN, but I don’t expect to see any negative collusion anytime soon.


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