The Darwin Project’s Community is Confusingly Positive

The Darwin Project’s Community is Confusingly Positive

One of the games that have captivated my attention recently has been the latest Battle Royale game: The Darwin Project. The game is fairly entertaining, but the thing that has captivated me has been the attitude of the people playing it. PUBG’s voice chat is quite possibly one of the deepest pits of hell you can enter without murdering a child, and Fortnite doesn’t even have one, which is what makes me curious as to why this one works so well.

Screenshot of someone tracking a player from The Darwin Project


Everyone playing the game is really positive about the whole thing, and upon killing other players I can always expect to ear something like “good game man, hope you win”, and other equally positive things. This has been shocking to me as gamer voice chat has never been something I consider wholesome. Nonetheless, there has been a noticeably larger amount of positivity in this game than ever before.



I think the ability for always-on voice chat even after death is what makes it so useful. You can get the tension out with a release of “Oh crap I didn’t even see you there”, which allows the players to move on. There is no closure in Fortnite and PUBG is such a mess I’m not even going to talk about it. The Darwin project offers closure and for both people to release their tension with a rational discussion. The only toxic person I have found so far was myself when I started the game, but I have since gotten better.

Screenshot from The Darwin Project


I find it so bizarre to say that voice chat in an online video game has benefited my patience, but it definitely has. If only for that, The Darwin Project is worth a purchase to see an interesting case study on the attitudes of people. While I wouldn’t recommend it for every game, this style could definitely help some of the more toxic people online. When I was more irritable at the start of my playing, I was just met with disappointment, and people rightly calling me out for it. Maybe restricting peoples voices was not the way to go from the start, but it is a diamond in the rough to find an online gaming community this positive

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