Why Games Done Quick is the Best Gaming Event

Why Games Done Quick is the Best Gaming Event

We are coming to the end of Summer Games Done Quick 2018, the charity speedrun event. And, as of writing this, they have amassed 1.4 million dollars for Doctors without borders. Games Done Quick is an event that runs twice a year for a week at a time. For 168 hours, speedrunners of all ilks come together and show off their skills to benefit charity. The charity changes every time but is typically centered around the benefit of humanity as a whole. The previous charities have been CAREOrganisation for Autism Research, and the Prevent Cancer Foundation, as well as the current donatee: MSF (AKA doctors without borders). GDQ is easily the highlight of my year and the most wholesome gaming event that exists right now.

The Sheer Joy you can feel from everyone at the entire event is palpable. Everybody loves running, talking on the couch, volunteering, announcing, and helping. These runners spend hours upon hours honing their craft and being able to show it off on such a large stage must be magical. The announcers get to read donation messages from thousands of loving and supporting fans. The fans share their own personal stories pertaining to either the charity or speedrunning in general. Their donation messages express gratitude for the existence of this organization and highlight how much they love this event. Finally, you have all of the volunteers, who get to help make this entire organization happen and become a part of the magic. Everybody here shows so much love in the event, which makes it all the more magical.

The marathon is also extremely well produced. While there are the memes about technical difficulties do occasionally come true, the stream is fairly consistent. The overlays are always very well designed, and the stream stays up for the entire week. They keep it varied with well-coordinated themed blocks, prizes to give away relating to the games that have been run, and much more. Overall, this is an extremely well-coordinated event, and that often goes uncredited. There are always incentives to reach, and the way they do them is pretty unique. Rather than simply doing a “bonus: x game at 100k”, you have to specifically donate for an incentive for it to get met.

This accomplishes two things for them

1.) only the runs a lot of people want to see will get run (as pertains to bonus runs).

2.) People are more encouraged to donate for their specific incentive, rather than to contribute to the massive overall pot of donations

Games Done Quick makes use of a lot of really good organization, which keeps viewers engaged through the whole week. Keeping other runners on the couch allows them to explain things that a normal player wouldn’t understand. The couch allows me to watch more than just the games I know the run of. The overall organization of this event keeps even total newbies to the speedrunning community in the loop throughout.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch this marathon, I cannot recommend it enough. Even if it is one run, or a few dollars donated, I hope you can enjoy this event as much as I have. You can always check out their twitch to see if they have an event going on, or their website to see when the next marathon is. They occasionally do specials to benefit natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas, which they raised over $200,000 for. These marathons are easily worth your time, and I highly recommend them.