PlayStation has released their list of games that will be available for free in February 2018 through their PlayStation Plus program.

First up, there is PS4 owners will be available to get RiME, the puzzle adventure game from Tequila Works and Tantalus Media. You play as a young boy awakened on a strange and picturesque island after a storm. Armed with your wits, you’ll need to explore this mysterious place, reach the top of the tower and unlock the secret which lies there.

Next, we have PS4 launch title and cult classic, Knack. In this family adventure game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, you control the titular Knack, using his trademark size-shifting abilities to protect the world from those that threaten it – this time being an invading Goblin Army.

For the PS3 owners amongst us, you can get your hands on Irem Software Engineering’s Spelunker HD, a remake of Irem’s 1985 NES game of the same name. You’ll also be able to download Japanese RPG Mugen Souls Z, the game with a level cap of 9999! So get grinding.

The PlayStation Vita will be getting Exile’s End, a 2D platformer from MagneticRealms, an exploration-driven side-scrolling adventure that they seem to go great lengths to explain ISN’T a Metroidvania. You can also pick up Grand Kingdom this month, a turn-based tactical strategy from Spike Chunsoft where you play the leader of a mercenary squad, leading his troops across a battle-scarred continent. PS4 owners will also be able to download Grand Kingdom.

Lastly, as a bonus game, all PlayStation Plus members can get the PSVR title Starblood Arena for free until March 6th. Compete against pilots from around the galaxy in a fight for credits, glory and most importantly your life as you attack, evade and move in any direction in this experience that was built from the ground up for the PSVR.

Another month, another bunch of free stuff! Everybody wins. Happy Gaming!

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