MY TOP 5: Mods For The Witcher 3

MY TOP 5: Mods For The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 broke ground in 2015 to rave reviews, fast becoming Game of the Year and winning numerous awards.
Three years on with two incredible expansion packs released along the way has made this gem into a crown, topping with Blood & Wine as the last and biggest of the two with seemingly no more content left to release.

CDProjekt RED has time and time again shown their fanbase that they can be trusted with creating a magnum opus without ties to an overlord whom either plagues their developments with DRM or an array of consumerist exploitation tools – be it integral content locked behind a paywall or the forever scorned micro-transactions.
However, after three years The Witcher 3 seems to be dead on the developer’s side – but not on the modder’s side as you would have expected from the title.

Starting with combat. TW3 lacks quite a lot in terms of challenge and depth after the 3rd playthrough on Death March, enemies and monsters become a predictable chore. The overall interest in the difficulty is lost and there ends up being very little difference between a nekker and a griffin, save for a few crossbow shots.
Well, not anymore.

5. The Witcher 3 – Enhanced Edition

Starting up with number five is the amusingly titled The Witcher 3 – Enhanced Edition, this beast steps Death March up to a Suicide Sprint. The difficulty is scaled to such a degree that it feels like Dark Souls in a lot of areas but with a lot of incredible detail and lore-friendliness to make it feel truly like The Witcher.

A notable change is the alchemy system – a combination of the systems from both the TW1 and the TW2 brought back into TW3. There’s no more alcohol replenishment, ingredients are needed for everything no matter how many times you make them and you’re required to meditate next to a fire to create bombs, oils and potions.
On top of which includes a slew of fixes, changes and solutions to numerous problems players usually have problems with – the loot system, the world economy, signs and levelling.

There is no more levelling, no more level requirements and every enemy is difficult in their own way.
You can no longer loot everything and sell it off for a pretty oren, as generic loot is worthless and Geralt, as well as Roach, now have separate and severely lowered carry weight capacities.

In my opinion, this mod is absolutely necessary for any playthrough that isn’t your first or if you felt like The Witcher 3 felt far too easy or wasn’t faithful enough to its predecessors.


4. E3 UI & HUD

A lot of fans bitterly remember the presentation of The Witcher 3 from E3 2013 (& 2014) and how much it visually differed from the final retail version. So much so in fact that CDProjekt RED felt personally hurt by the criticisms and the bashing of the fact that the game was downgraded. This bad PR ended up creating one of the most consistent jokes and sources for inspiration amongst modders for The Witcher 3 and this mod in particular shows how far people are willing to go to create the majesty of what they saw in those presentations.
Some features include the removal of all those pesky question marks on the map, an animated background for most of the menu screens, an animated bestiary which shows in detail what certain monsters look like as well as new loading screens and a new font.

This mod is highly recommended to anyone bored of the same old menu screens and hud icons and although this mod is highly compatible with several others – it isn’t compatible with the Enhanced Edition.



3. The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

This one isn’t optional. It is absolutely necessary. For anyone looking to play this game, now or ever. This mod changes almost every minor texture and overhauls it completely with next to no performance drop. But as good as it is, it’s impossible to describe the features with text alone so here are some pictures of a few of the aforementioned texture changes.


2. Young Geralt

Now, this is a weird one. Weird but amazing. Have you ever wanted Geralt to look like a 17-year-old who just graduated from Kaer Morhen, Witcher diploma in hand?
Well, look no further than Young Geralt.

1. Witcher 1 Prologue Remastered

This one is entirely optional and to be honest I haven’t even downloaded it myself but I’ve seen all the videos on it and HECK it’s a work of art. The entirety of the prologue from the first Witcher is remade and revamped with this mod and included is all of the voice acting timed perfectly with customised animations. If you haven’t played the first Witcher I don’t recommend it at all (as someone who’s finished more times than I’d like to admit) but if you’re at all curious about it then this mod is for you.

And now as the list concludes, I shall finish with some of my favourite screenshots that I’ve personally captured using some of the mods in this list.