Monster Hunter World: The Good, The Bad, & the Rathalos

Monster Hunter World: The Good, The Bad, & the Rathalos

With the release of the new Monster Hunter World, hopefully, an influx of new fans of the series is on the horizon. Now we will see if the series has changed for better or for the worst.

The first change is the new pacing, especially the reduced amount of time spent running around doing the menial quests to build up to your first hunt. I liked the grind in earlier games. It really made the first time you hunt a monster feel special, while in monster hunter world within the first 3 quests IIRC you fight this games version of the Jaggi. I do think that a faster pace is refreshing for people who have been longtime fans, but it also removes the groundwork.  That keeps you from having to gather as many materials from gathering quests. World does have a few things in place to help offset this, such as the oven roasting cooking.

World has far fewer quests for you to complete to progress the story, although it can feel a little rushed due to the new pacing of the story. However, they did so far remove egg gathering quests from being required quests which is a blessing. However, with fewer gathering quests, finding things on the map is harder, since you do not get as many chances to familiarize yourself with the terrain. On the other hand, Expedition mode is very refreshing for monster hunter, allowing us to run around the map and investigate it to our leisure and also being an avenue to practice fighting specific monsters without penalty for failing a quest.

Some good things about World: They have done away with using paintballs to mark your targets.  Now we only have to follow tracks until the scout flies can pick up the trail and follow the monster until its defeated. Anyone who has played Monster Hunter before would share in the frustration of a monster escaping the area right when the paintball marking wears off, so you have to run around trying to find it once more.

Now we also have these limited times you can do quests called investigations which are pretty cool. They allow you to grind for the gear that you want and get a little extra reward for finishing it. This reduces the amount of grinding for gear you have to complete for that sweet armor set. One of the best things that they have changed is how skills work. Instead of needing to accumulate specific pieces of armor to gain a skill, they are just passively always on making the mix&match game of armor skills much easier for first timers & veterans of the series alike.

Monster Hunter World is a fantastic addition to the series and I hope to see the next games down the line take many qualities of World with them, including going on quests within the maps, expeditions, increased focus of hunting, and the simplification of things such as one palico only. I cannot wait to see what updates come down the line. Good luck hunting!