Knock Off Air pods Review

Knock Off Air pods Review

I purchase a lot of knock-off things. I don’t have a lot of money as a teenager, and as such, the cheapest things are typically the ones I choose. I noticed there aren’t a lot of people covering these things, and a lot of those product reviews can be… questionable at best. So I decided to cover the products I have been buying most recently. The first thing I will be covering is some off-brand air pods and letting you know if its worth a buy. While the normal air pods from apple are upwards of $100, these were only $18 from eBay. The earbuds also were available in a variety of colors that match the various standard iPhone colors while the traditional air pods only come in white.

The headphones can either be paired one at a time or simultaneously, by using the multi-function button located on the side. However, there are some definite problems with the product.

The most obvious thing is that its larger than the traditional air pods. It isn’t to a degree where it is uncomfortable but does take some getting used to. I think I have fairly standard ears, and it took me about 30 minutes to stop noticing they were there, but this could be a big problem for someone with smaller ears. The multi-purpose button is also… a button and not a tactile point on the earbuds. This part isn’t actually that bad, but just something to keep in mind. Since they are much cheaper, they are also made out of a cheaper material and therefore are much lighter. The weight can be offputting at first, but I actually didn’t mind it.

One of the things that were the most surprising to me, were the aspects of the battery and charging. The battery lasted surprisingly long, (~4-5 hours), while I only expected it to last 1 or 2. It also charged using a case (while just inserting, rather than magnetic) like the traditional air pods do. This whole thing shows the people who were making these were more than just ripoff hacks because it would have been much easier to slap on a micro USB port on the side and call it a day. The case is fairly cheap and looks breakable, but seems to hold together.


However, the most important part is the audio quality, and I am glad to say it is exceptionally average. I expected it to sound hollow and tin canny, but it sounded like average quality earbuds. I couldn’t imagine any audiophiles loving these, but I also can’t imagine them using any earbuds in favor of headphones. If you, like me, use earbuds primarily for listening to music or podcasts to pass the time / fill the void in your brain that is so painfully s̻̙̲͍̣i͏l͇͖͖͔e̴̪̥n̜̮̯̖͚̳t͡, then you should find them just fine.

The product’s price point definitely comes through, but it is still a decent product. I will be letting you guys know how it works over time but after 1 week, I am happy with the product. If you are looking for a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and don’t mind making a few concessions, this is a good purchase to make.


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