How is HQ Going to Work?

How is HQ Going to Work?

If you are living under a rock (or you don’t have IOS) you may not have heard about HQ. This mobile quiz show that promises real money to those who win. They have reached massive popularity with the last game pulling above 500k. With this growing number of players, a growing prize pool has risen to meet it, growing from $250 to $1000 to $1500 and now sitting at $2000 with occasional games hitting as high as $12,000. With no advertisements so far, the question seems to be “how are they going to monetize this?”

The answer is Brown


HQ was created by  Co-founders of Vine Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll who are operating under the name Intermedia Labs. They have been asked multiple times about the game’s monetization plans and have stated their focus is “getting a ton of interest from brands and agencies who want to collaborate and do something fun”. This suggests that we can expect investors to be a part of the mix, but those investors have to be rewarded with something other than a company who is currently losing money. So this brings us back to the question, How are they going to make money off of this? And I can see two options


Option 1 – Selling Extra Lives

In a normal game of HQ, if you get 1 question wrong, then you are out of the game for that day. However, if people have signed up using your referral code (or you have used this glitch) you can earn 1 extra life, available for use whenever you get a question wrong. Currently, there is no way to purchase these extra lives, but it is easy to envision a future in which you can buy them, and with the current restrictions allowing only 1 life used per game, the prevention for pay to win is possible. I see the referral code method as a way to get exponentially higher player counts, and once they reach their cap, they introduce some form of microtransactions to allow players to get extra lives.


Option 2 – Advertisements During / Before Game

Another obvious way for extra revenue would be to sell ad space within the game itself. While Scott Rogowsky (the shows main host) are prepping to get down to the nitty-gritty, a quick ad for the latest movie, game, or product could play. This doesn’t seem impossible and with the recent inclusion of pictures to illustrate points and even 3rd party video being added when Scott’s dad came on the air for the 8 pm CST 12/27/2017 game. I see these images as a test for future ad space, as the whole HQ process seems to be a bit shaky as they try to compensate for the high player counts. These images can be soon replaced with short in-game advertisements and with the incredibly high player traffic, can be some very valuable real estate.

All in all, HQ has allowed 500k+ people to be able to sit down and play a game all at once, and will always have my love. Especially when as Variety reported, “The startup’s goal is to someday bump up the size of the cash pool to $1 million.” Now THAT is a prize I can get behind.


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