Our Favorites of Hourly Comic Day 2018

Our Favorites of Hourly Comic Day 2018

Hourly Comic Day is a sort of game jam day for comic artists. The premise is pretty simple and encourages artists to flex their creative muscles. That being said here are some of our favs.


this one is just plain cute and looks adorable in that art style!

I like this one for the description the artist gave themselves, truly bitingly accurate.


Some people like to celebrate other events of each day, and for that we applaud them.


this one is adorable and I feel bad they missed hourly comics day, so they get a mention.


And finally… my personal favorite


This one is just hilarious and raises so many more questions than it answers, a true modern puzzler.


So if you are an artist looking to hop on this train next time, go ahead! its pretty fun to watch, and I love seeing artists draw about their day. It makes for a very heartwarming day.