GeekNosh Holiday Update

GeekNosh Holiday Update

Holidays are the best time for gaming.  A good time to take a break and enjoy the games we love.
Here’s what the Geeknosh team has been up to!

DREW was intending to play Double Dragon x Battletoads, but the highlight for him has been a huge Tetris tournament with his family.  He tells us he won, but we play by the rule of screenshots or it didn’t happen.

ROBERT decided to play the let’s break my hand game.  It’s not very highly rated, and the sequel “Let’s trust the other writers with website management during my absence” is not only poorly titled, but causing him heart palpitations.  We promise not to break anything Rob!

“Due to my injury, I’ve rediscovered my love of simulation and turn-based games due to their ease of play. I’ve mainly been playing Fallout 2, Wasteland 2 and Planet Coaster.  Oh and Peggle 2 because that game is addictive as hell.”

JUSTIN made an indeterminate squeezing noise upon unwrapping Kirby Planet Robobot and noises resembling “this is so cool” have been haunting his other housemates.
He’s also been venturing back into Octodad, and after two days of octo-blubbing went further back in time to play Zelda II.  Finding Paradise also found a special place in his heart.
His housemates are continually showing him up in Jackbox Party Packs and Use Your Words.

ENDIE got really into baking over December with delightful scents wafting through the house.  We have no idea what he played but are assured he had a good time.

ZACHIE has been playing Xenoblade 2 non-stop.  His family is worried.  They haven’t sighted him in hours and are unsure of when they’ll get a go.
In his own words:

“Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an RPG a lot like its predecessor, but it takes what’s great about the original and makes it so much better. I’ve found myself coming and going from the land of Alrest so often and each time I can’t wait to go back. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sets the bar for what an RPG should aspire to be.”

KAIT had fun going crazy with our amazing Geeknosh logo and giving it plenty of hilarious holiday spirit.
Her laughter was infectious.  Thanks BEN for letting us play with your incredible logo!

What else has been going on?
Fortnite Battle Royale has become incredibly popular with Geeknosh staffers with Drew and Robert leading the way.

So have you been playing something so amazing you just need to tell the world?
Let us know!

Holiday abuse of Geeknosh logo committed by Kaitlyn from Faelan Creative.
All credit to Ben (@Caucasian on our discord) for the creation of the Geeknosh logo.