GAME GUIDE: Week of 25/2-3/3

GAME GUIDE: Week of 25/2-3/3

What are you talking about? I didn’t miss last week. And this week isn’t late, you’re crazy.

There’s a fair few games coming out this week whether you like playing on the go, colourful sequels or beating the hell out of one another, so let’s get right into it.

Night Driver

Developer: Atari Release Date: 26/2  Platforms: Android, iOS

Based on the pioneering arcade machine of the same name, Night Driver has been remade for mobiles. Utilize a range of powerful and stylish vehicles to race other players under the night sky. You’ll be able to upgrade and enhance the look of your car, as well as its performance as you advance through the breathtaking locations the game has to offer.

The original, which first came out in 1976 as an arcade machine before moving to the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64, is largely believed to be one of the first published games to use real-time first-person graphics.

Upjers Wonderland

Developer: Upjers Release Date: 26/2  Platforms: iOS

After your brother is mysteriously abducted, you have been swept away to a quirky parallel world. Using hints from the towns colourful characters you have to try and figure out what happened, and most importantly, free your brother.

It looks a lot more graphically complex to most mobile games out there, and with a “variety of different gaming aspect that will surprise even veteran mobile gamers,” this may be worth a look.

Villagers & Heroes

Developer: Mad Otter Games Release Date: 26/2 Platforms: iOS

Joining the growing list of mobile-based MMO’s, Villagers & Heroes will make it’s pilgrimage to iOS on the 26th. With raids and quests and the rush of combat, they try to keep the feel of an MMO at your fingertips.


Developer: Milestone Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: PC, PS4, X1

Coming from one of the leading racing game developers in the world comes the extreme off-road challenge of Gravel. Take the race to the dirt in this beautiful-looking game, where you’ll be the star of your own TV show on the Gravel Channel, following your career and rise to stardom. Different modes like Wild rush, Cross Country and Speed Cross will provide hours of mud flinging, stone skidding fun.

de Blob 2

Developer: Blue Tongue Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: PS4, X1

After its remaster and release on PC in 2017, this colourful platformer makes its way to PS4 and Xbox One this week. Comrade Black returns to wage his war on colour again, brainwashing a new cult to take over Prisma City, and it’s up to de Blob once again to re-ignite the revolution of colour!

It’s quite a unique platformer that I’ve always considered a precursor to Splatoon, due to both games utilizing a unique painting function as their main game mechanic.


Developer: Bad Seed Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: PC

Join the competitive post-apocalyptic turn-based carnage for free this week with the release of INSIDIA. Use a vast cast of weird and wonderful characters in three classes; from fierce punks to steampunk knights and mutated wizards to collect the critical objects needed to destroy your enemies base.

Developer Bad Seed are hoping to enter eSports territory later this year, and INSIDIA will be the first indie came to come to FACEIT’s eSports platform after its full release.


Developer: Orbcreation Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: PC

Coming from a one-man development team makes this beautiful looking simulator game all the more impressive. While still a game, Sailaway is being billed as a way sailors can enhance skills due to its level of realism. It simulates world-wide ocean sailing and cruising, so depending on how long your journey is, your voyage could take literally months and uses real-time weather data from NOAA in its online, persistent world.

It’s not just for those that are sailing inclined though, as there are a series of easy to learn controls that can assist or automate some of the options.

Space Tyrant

Developer: Blue Wizard Digital Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: PC

Build a terrifying space fleet in order to devastate planets and slaughter the peaceful in this 4x Roguelike from the makers of Slayaway Camp.

“We set out to make a zero-attention-span mega-empire game, where you could have titanic space battles and huge galaxy-spanning conquests but not run over your employer-mandated allotment of lunch-eating minutes,” said the founder of Blue Wizard Digital, Jason Kapalka.

The Final Station

Developer: tinyBuildGAMES Release Date: 27/2 Platforms: NS

Described as ‘like This War Of Mine but with trains’ this post-apocalyptic survival game has you riding the rails, trying to survive as long as you can to find other survivors, with the infected hot at your heels all the way.

This will be the first of tinybuildGAMES’ “Four-nification” week, with three other games to be announced later in the week.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Developer: Headup Games Release Date: 28/2 Platforms: NS, X1

Got to admit, don’t think I’d have ever seen this combination coming. Alas, Bridge Constructor Portal makes it’s way to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this week.

Take the usual Bridge Constructor style we’re all used to, and throw in the wacky technology from Aperture Laboratories to create an exciting new game experience. Ellen Mclain returns to voice GLaDOS as your construction guide. The game will also release for PS4 on March 1.

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