Fortnite has Become the Game of Choice for Athletes

Fortnite has Become the Game of Choice for Athletes

Fortnite is obviously a very big game; Nobody is surprised by this. One thing that has surprised at least me though, is the fascination it has captured with professional athletes. And I’m not talking Esports guys like the people in the Overwatch League, but the ones with the helmets and such. Sports Big Boys within the MLB and even World Cup are playing it, and it is showing in interesting ways.

The Evidence

Cricket But Faster

This actually became a problem with the Major League Baseball… League (do they really put league twice?). Players received minor injuries due to the game and became “addicted” with it to the point it affected their practices. David Price of the Boston Red Sox came under some fire after playing the game gave him a case of some minor carpal tunnel and caused him to miss the start of a season. While it is still contentious whether or not gaming contributed to this injury, he mentioned via a tweet by a writer for

Other players such as Nick Williams of the Philidelphino Plaza Phillies (maybe I got the city name wrong), have discussed playing Fortnite for hours on end in the dugouts of their practice field. “I find that it keeps me going… I’m like, ‘OK, this is my last game of the night.’ and then I get second place and I’m like, ‘No, no, I need to try again.'”.

While this might be a benign scandal through the eyes of gamers, sports fans can get incredibly upset. They believe it is distracting their players and keeping them off their “game”. While this may be the case, it is important for these players to unwind and do something other than sports.

The one Where you Kick

On the other side of the world, recently the world cup happened (in case you didn’t notice). The final match today saw a victory from France over Croatia, and they became the football (or soccer) big boys in all the land. That is a pretty prestigious title to have, so players can get understandably worked up about it. One player for France was seen doing the “take the L” dance from the game. Some would consider this to be bad sportsmanship, however… no, they’re right. It is kinda rude to do, but understandable, since he became the football big boy.

It’s indisputable that Fortnite has captured the attention of athletes, but many people might be confused as to why. I would say that Fortnite clicks perfectly with the personality traits athletes have. It’s extremely easy to pick up and put down, so they can stop playing if they have to do something else. It is very competitive, so getting the win can provide you with plenty of bragging rights. It is also pretty simple to learn, so there isn’t a lot to know if you have played a first-person shooter.


Since it is so popular, its no surprise Fortnite has captured a wide variety of fans, but you never think of your favorite sports player doing the floss (or whatever it is they do in that game), But in the words of that famous orange shirt kid “It’s also a great exercise move”.