Experience a Different Point Of View in The Way Of Life

Experience a Different Point Of View in The Way Of Life

Have you ever wondered how your actions look to those around you? Well, the team at CyberCoconut have and that’s what you’ll explore when The Way Of Life: Definitive Edition releases for PC on March 15th.

The Way Of Life sets out to tell stories that deal with serious themes – from euthanasia to the death penalty, from war to love, bullying, discrimination and more, each story tying together the game’s two main themes: personal growth and the different ways of perceiving reality. They implement this by having you live each experience through the eyes of three characters at different stages of life: adulthood, elderly and adolescence.

The Way Of Life: Definitive Edition will release on PC March 15th.

The three different stages are represented through controls as well as visually – with the world being a vibrant, colourful world to run around from the eyes of the child, compared to the shaky, slow perspective of the elderly man.

With over 70 choices to be made over the 10 experiences in the game, the moulding of the story is truly up to you, with every playthrough offering something different depending on the choices you make, giving you the tools to build your own personal life experience.

Experience different situations through the eyes of a child, adult and elderly man.

CyberCoconut is a two-man development team consisting of Davide Caio and Nicolo Azzolini and based in Milan, Italy. Their website states that “We strictly believe that video games are more than just entertainment and we believe that a video game can be a useful tool to learn, feel and live,” The Way Of Life is their first project.

There is a free version of The Way Of Life currently available on Steam for those who want to check it out before its release.