Cycle 28 Is ‘A Love Letter 22 Years In The Making’

Cycle 28 Is ‘A Love Letter 22 Years In The Making’

Ever since seeing Return of the Jedi at the age of eleven, Sean Walton had wanted to be a space-faring rebel X-Wing pilot – always doodling dogfights on his school books. Twenty-two years later, those dreams have been realised, at least in a virtual sense, with the release of Cycle 28.

Cycle 28 is the second game from Welsh studio Pill Bug Interactive. At first, it may seem like the classic 2D space shooter you’ve been seeing since Galaga, however, Cycle 28 throws a twist in that puts its own spin on the momentum-based shooter genre. You play as Olivia Bergen – a flight lieutenant separated from her fleet and stuck in Cycle 27, living the same day over and over again, trying to find the rest of her crew and answers as to why this is happening. Think Groundhog Day in space, except every day someone is trying to kill you. You’re tasked with figuring out who these people are, and why this is happening.

In another unique aspect, the first person to solve the mystery of Cycle 28 will be given a ‘Pill Bug Golden Ticket’, and given this prize entitles the winner to free games from their studio for life, they seem quite confident it’s going to be a difficult mystery to solve, encouraging the community to work together.

Pill Bug Interactive was formed in 2017 after the successful Steam Greenlight campaign for their first title Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox. two-man man team of Sean Walton and Dave Towsey are both university lecturers in Computer Science and Creative Writing respectfully, giving them a good knowledge of their craft. Their aim as a studio is to “create games that appear simple on the outside, but hide a deeper complexity within”

You can pick up Cycle 28 today on Steam or