Brigitte Might Be My New Favorite Hero

Brigitte Might Be My New Favorite Hero

From a design standpoint, Zarya has been my favorite Overwatch hero to play. I like to think I am quite competent at tanks, and am happy being the shield for my fellow teammates to maneuver around. However, I have always wanted to get better at support characters, but I am simply not good at sitting idly by while my fellow heroes get all the glory. With this in mind, I can align my opinions with Brigette almost exactly.

For the few of you who haven’t seen, Brigette is the new hero coming to Overwatch soon. As a support/tank hybrid, Brigette grew up alongside Torbjorn (her father) and Reinhardt. While she loved helping repair the armor that was damaged on the battlefield, she wants to take a more involved role in the battle. With a rocket-powered mace and a smaller personal shield, Brigette will be helping keep heroes alive, with plenty of room to be effective on her own. This parallels my beliefs, where I want to take a role helping my team a bit more. But, I don’t like the helplessness of Mercy, and that is the most effective way to support your team. Brigette might act as my gateway to support playing, by taking the things I know and love about tanks and introducing new healing mechanics.

Also from a design standpoint, Brigette looks awesome. She incorporates all of the buff and cool looks that Zarya has, with some pretty fantastic voice acting. The armor design looks pretty fantastic and has actually come under some controversy. Paladins have long been seen as a copycat of Overwatch, to the point that whole characters are almost identical. However, in this instance, it is Overwatch that has taken some notes from Paladins’ book. All of that aside, from a lore standpoint Brigette also seems pretty interesting as well. As I mentioned, her character motivation parallels a lot of thoughts I have had while playing support characters, but her family ties are also interesting. Jeff Kaplan talked about how he likes the characters to be connected and having more family units can bring some more interesting dynamics to the game. I happen to agree with this, as the little bits of dialogue before the match starts does a lot to connect the game to the world they have built.

Overall, Brigette is shaping up to be just the hero I need, and I am quite excited to see her hit the PTR soon.


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