Interview with Bananacoin Project Manager Nikola Kardashov

Interview with Bananacoin Project Manager Nikola Kardashov

I sat down with Nikola Kardashov, the Project Advisor and Community Manager of Bananacoin, and asked him a few questions about his project. The only edits to his answers were slight grammatical corrections, as the interview took place over telegram.


What have been the benefits of using blockchain to power your investments?


We do not tie the agro-industry to the blockchain, we use the capabilities of a blockchain to raise investment (crowdfunding) and arrange transparent payments to investors in the future.


Do you think money as we know it will shift away from paper money to cryptocurrencies?


it’s like blacksmiths, they came to be a long time ago, but still live. Money came about like this way I think, maybe after 30-40 years paper money will disappear.


Do you see Bananacoin as more of an investment, or more like a cryptocurrency?


it’s not like cryptocurrency or investment. its bananas. you can get bananas for tokens.


Do you see investments and financial technologies moving more towards blockchain technology?


The new opportunities provided by the blockchain certainly attract funds for its development, and in fact, it is a new window for collecting investments in other projects at the moment. Therefore, yes. It unambiguously moves the world economy. But at the moment we have many representatives of “old money”, which don’t like this. But banks, governments etc. and other can easily become a new step with blockchain technology.