Australian Greens Propose $100 Million Video Game Industry Investment

Australian Greens Propose $100 Million Video Game Industry Investment

Since the cancellation of the Australian Interactive Games Fund in 2013, the Australian video game industry has been somewhat left in the dark. Since then most of the companies that were developing games in Australia have disappeared, leaving just a few among a sea of dedicated, but unsupported indie developers.

Australia’s newest, and youngest ever Senator – Jordon Steele-John of the Australian Greens is hoping to change that. Today, he proposed The Games Investment And Enterprise Fund, a $100 million investment fund designed to support Australian video game development, following the lead of other countries such as Ireland and Canada in offering generous subsidies to help with the often high labour cost involved in game development.

“Video games are culturally, artistically and economically significant,” Steele-John was quoted as saying “Worth more than $3 billion annually in Australia and $100 billion worldwide, the Australian Greens see video games as a key component in rebooting our digital future.”

Australia’s youngest ever Senator wants to reinvigorate the Australian video game industry

While music to the ears of those in some circles, those in political ones may see this as just posturing for votes, considering it’s reported that a majority of the game developers who’ll be affected by this news live in Batman, not Bruce Wayne, but the hotly contested seat of Parliament set to go the polls on the 17th of March. Regardless of the red tape involved in coming to this proposal, it’s definitely good news for an industry that hasn’t had a lot in a while.

Politicians from all sides have been urging the government to replace the old $20 million grant, which aimed to foster growth among the industry. However, the government has been largely uninterested in listening to any proposals regarding this, after merely “noting” a bipartisan Senate committee report that proposed a new funding scheme – a committee report that had been ignored for two years prior, a response which Senator Steele-John calls “totally inadequate”

In addition to the fund, Steele-John is proposing that creative industry tax offsets extend to video game developers and for more investment into “creative co-working space” such as The Arcade in Melbourne.